¿Fotos resientes de Chávez? ¡Jajajaja! Resent photos of Chávez? Hahahaha!

La misma foto otra vez… 

The same photo again…


You don’t have to be detail oriented to notice. Chavez’a ears stick out like satellite antennas as seen on the centerphoto. Look how differente they look where he’s laying down…

What about the forehead? Chavez has very obvious receding hairlines. Look how different the hairline looks between the top right photo which was taken on his last TV appearance Dec. 2012 and the ones where he’s laying down. 

And the highlight, Where is the forehead wart that sticks out like a sore thumb on every photo? The angle doesn’t matter, the wart is always visible but not on the ones they published today! They erased it!

manos de chavez

Such pretty hands… Hahaha, with all the times he punched the walls. Not even the fingernails look like his. What a bunch of inept photo shoppers.

foto montaje

This is a photo published in 2011.

otro montaje

Which one is the original? Same photo different year, different newspaper…

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